This will be a top year, or I am expecting so. Thus far the signs are good.

I’ve started the New Year by booking a 40 hour sailing and navigational course at the local sailing club.

I’ve just quit my evening job in a call centre (exit interview is shared if you have ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in a call centre). I am not sure who is more relieved me or my family…

The Captain has started his coastal navigational course and he is proving pretty clever.

Tickets are booked to fly to France in June for the boat delivery. I am so excited about flying 35 hours continuously on a budget airline with 6 stops to get us to the place we need to be. Hip Hip Hooray….hmm.

I now have time to write and share thoughts on the blog after 12 weeks of madness. I am quietly chuffed that I now have time for this folly of mine. 


Summer has finally arrived in Tasmania. Three hot days in a row and four more forecast, after weeks of rain and bleak weather you embrace the warm weather. I am enjoying the beach and Barbeques also the amazing nights.

In my own way I am reviewing the year past and the year forward.

My Current Lack Of How,  Holds No Disrespect

I am yet to know sailing, even though I have already swapped my home for a boat. I find great motivation in making sure we are safe when on this journey, it is my intent to return unbroken. Our boat purchase reflects this but there is lots to learn, to ensure safety and due respect for our journey ahead.

Learning how is the big agenda item for 2014.

Also on the agenda will be spending as much time with family and friends as I can and doing my job right to the end.

I have been working on a few other items that will allow me to share the journey. Trying to be a better writer so this tale will hold your interest, learning how to video and edit so the visual will be worthy, also to continue learning French.

This Summer Has Made Me Reflect

As we walk to the beach each day to swim, I walk past my previous home near the beach, I contemplate if we have made the right decision. We had completed our home, it was one of the best in the street, the mortgage was gone and life was good. Good and safe. Comfortable. My life wasn’t even boring with constant comings and goings of teenagers, friends and a great life style.

Yet here we are the decision made and the quest has begun.

This should be an interesting journey, lots of time for introspection, I will get to know myself, and isn’t that the heart of any good story.

So yes I do believe this will be a fine year indeed.

Cheers the Miss

PS My mother still thinks I’m mental as the journey creeps closer and this blog confirms her suspicions.





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  1. the Miss

    Hi Gordon,
    My end of year was so busy I forgot to mention I did this certificate mid December. Thanks for the advice and as we are looking at AIS at the moment and additional radio so timing is now.
    Cheers the Miss

  2. Renee

    Hi Miss,

    I learned recently that the body measures the passing of time by the number of new memories we create. When we are young, a year takes forever because every day we are storing new memories. So, if we store 100 new memories, then our brain thinks a long time has passed. As we get older, we are more experienced and aren’t writing that many new memories, let’s say 25 a year. So 4 years (in comparison) slip past before our body feels like much time has gone by.

    I’ve said all that, because like you, I’m quite stable in my life. Stable friends, nice home, great job… but the years are flying past as I’m not doing anything new. I’m going to take up sailing this year, and eventually follow in your path, partly so I can be young again and slow down time. See the world before I’m too old to waddle down the street. xx

  3. the Miss

    Hi Renee,

    The Best Thought Of The Day – and one I find very appealing. By the time we both start sailing the learning process will have slowed things down a bit already, or I can only hope.

    Cheers the Miss

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