My Captain, he is a dear and I do adore, but this trip was on troubled waters as we looked at monohull yachts early on when investigating to buy a boat.

This lack of unity is a rare creature in our family but at one point in this journey I suggested to the Captain he take his Second Wife on his “real sailing yacht” and I would keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.

Multihulls vs Monohulls –  the Hot Ticket Debate 

Below are the pros and cons we discussed to bring us to the point of narrowing our search and eventually buying a catamaran. Yes for those of you yet to know me a little better I actually wrote a list and over a bottle of red wine we nutted out the best way forward.

The fact that it ended up being a mulithull was based on the compromises each of us was willing to make.

The Case for a Monohull as Presented by the Captain

Ground rules for the monohull – a boat designed for cruising and with all the features that assist, power winches, furling sails, new technology and size ranging from 40 to 50 ft. All the storage needed for water, fuel and equipment for long term cruising.

The sailing  – I don’t want to sail my lounge room

They point up into the wind

Large load capacity – you can keep filling them up

Budget – you get an amazing amount of bang for your buck

The Case for a Multihull as Presented by the First Wife

Ground rules for the multihull – a boat designed for cruising with all the features that assist, power winches, new technology and the size must be above 40 ft.

Stability – heeling is not pleasant and spoils the journey

Speed  = safer

Two is better than one – two engines, two steering wheels for example

You live on top of the water not under

More room to entertain and live

Your ability to anchor closer into shore


Compromises Included

Dagger board boat

Find a  sailors cat

Budget I will get a second job

Compromises Conceded 

Washing Machine

Water Maker












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  1. the Miss

    Hi Douglas,

    I presume you mean in metres? 50 ft is 15.24 m

    Which every way you look at it though 50 foot is a really big boat for two people and one of those people is me…

    Cheers the Miss

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