I have a new article coming but here are two new videos of our recent travels


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  1. Patrick

    Well done. You made it to Paradise!
    Enjoy the islands after the long trip.
    We have some contacts in Tahiti and Raiatea if needed.

  2. Sandra

    Wow, looks beautiful, the clips made me homesick for your home on the sea!

  3. greg

    Hi Captain & Miss. What an adventure. From Europe to here, so many miles, very envious. But as a past 1st mate I must say the ropes around the deck looked very untidy and it would not have happened on my watch. Also the underwater footage was beautiful but the Captain has allowed a beard (almost as bad as his) to appear on the bottom of Miss Catana, tragic! Enjoy the sail home my friends. Be safe till we meet again.
    Cheers Greg

  4. Jacqui Garrett

    What beautiful scenery, enjoyed the videos very much, looks nice and warm wish I was there. Enjoy the rest of your adventure.

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