It was a cracking sail. We departed the island of Paxos using our motors, wind was absent. Then by midday the wind was between 18 and 22 knots on the beam/side and Miss Catana was sailing along at 8 to 11 knots all afternoon.
10/10 Sailing conditions, only thing missing was sunshine.

At one stage we saw a tiny speck in the distance in a direct line, it was too far away to make out any detail, it was a sail boat without AIS and in line with us. Out came the rule book to freshen up, regarding the highway rules as to whom had right of way. No problem the Captain assured me, as we had wind on the starboard side, they had to give way to us, that is until we realised we were both going in the same direction. It took hours, but Miss Catana caught the 40 foot monohull and even overtook her in the final nautical mile.

Like I said a great day of fun sailing.

Our destination Levkas, has a swinging bridge which they open on the hour, blocking off traffic to allow sailing vessels to enter the Levkas Canal. This canal funnels major sailing traffic through, for people who want to avoid going the long way round, as well as funnelling significant cruising dollars into the town. We had anticipated arriving at 4 pm but managed to arrive at exactly 3pm just in time to overtake the leading rabbit and sail through without a moment lost in waiting.

Perfect timing to accompany the great sailing, the Captain was a happy puppy.

A Road And A Bridge

The canal bridge was a very cool display of engineering.

Here is a quick view of what it was like passing through the canal. Now that the day is over I am disappointed with myself for not doing any video of the perfect sailing….

Next time…..

If you notice at the end of the video the rows of boats moored on the right of Miss Catana are in free public mooring. Unfortunately for us, most were taken up by empty charter yachts, that don’t have to pay for Marina fees. Sad we missed on the nice accommodation, but we managed to hook up to the highway next door, thanks to three Irishman and one Englishman who helped with the ropes.

Life is good.



the Miss


PS Hope you checked out the Captains fancy hat, he blames the wind.

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  1. greg

    aare me harties If you let the captain grow a beard he would look like captain jack sparrow with that hat.


  2. the Miss

    The hat is truly tragic… the deal when we departed was no beards or no love and no sailing. It was my only major condition. Hence no beard policy continues. If you see a beard you will know I have come home alone. :)

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