Once upon a time, a young captain fell in love with his soon to be first wife.

This captain was a lover of the sea, wind and adventure. Yet he was a solid dependable type who took seriously (as seriously as a man of Knock Knock jokes can) the role of husband, father and provider for his family and for many years set aside his dream for the big blue.  As the day to day of life consumed, always in the back of his mind was the call of the ocean and chance to be Captain of his own boat one day…

From the first date midnight swim in the inky black waters of the city Gorge, to swimming and windsurfing lessons the soon to be first wife knew she would always love her man who loved the sea. No matter the project or role at hand somewhere in the background was the idea that one day it would be their turn to  sail on the sea.

This site is record of the process from deciding to depart, selling the family home, purchasing the boat herself “Miss Catana” to setting sails on the water.

Our promise is to tell you the  nitty gritty. It’s about having fun, observing what happens as we go about the process and recording it for others to enjoy. This is part of our story.

Our pledge is to be honest and as open as we can, so as to serve as warning or inspiration to others, depending on which side of the fence you sit.

More about us:

The Captain 

Father of Three who read aloud over the years to his children the complete sets of Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, and the Tale of Leminy Snippet among many other books

Expert Handy Man and Chef Extraordinaire

Sports School Teacher who comes with bonus dog Lilly to all his lessons

Joke and Story Telling – hence the need to travel as he is running out of stories

Believer in the greater good of all

Strengths include being patient, thoughtful and overall a really nice guy

Best friend to First Wife and has agreed that the monohull will have to be with his Second Wife

The First Wife 

Mother of Three who occasionally read aloud but mostly read ahead

Fan of her three and is  chest out proud of their achievements

A terrible driving instructor – this is one her great failings in life

Lover of music in particular trance music played loud for all working occasions

Avid book reader, consumer of stories about normal people who do extra normal things and believer that every single one of us has a story to tell

Believer in sticky notes, having a go is more important than perfect and that we all make mistakes so sometimes we just have to get over it!

Strengths include working hard to tick off the to do list and rarely taking offence. Also  handy at the end of a power tool and paint brush.

Favourite thing in all the world is to spend time with the Captain even when it includes stress challenges, leaving your family to find stories and one day learning how to sail

red umbrella f

Let the Adventure Begin…Together.


PS This is a journey to shared so come along for the ride.

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PS the above picture is not a true representation of the captain nor first wife but it is however a pretty picture