Everyday you will be asked to give someone your email address and if your are like me, you have to have a compelling reason to do so. I am hoping that there is enough reason for you to consider giving me the Miss your details.



Why Would You Consider Subscribing?


First Up – I won’t fill up your email box with spam or rubbish advertising.

It will be good for both of us.

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This should be an interesting honest account from beginning to end of two people dreaming, buying, going, doing and telling the tale on the way.

Cross my heart I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth – well only the interesting bits.

It’s completely FREE and No I do not need your PayPal or credit card details ever.


Other Good Reasons

My husband is a sailor but I “know nothing” so this journey will cover the different perspectives of the process and the interesting exchanges along the way. If there is any more cheese throwing I will share that too.

It MIGHT inspire, enlighten or give you hope to follow your dream whatever that may be. I know I have been inspired by others who are do, doing, done. So now it’s mine turn to return the favour

There WILL be pictures but hopefully not pirates

There WILL be videos of the home made GoPro variety

There WILL be lists with all kinds of information – I love a good list

There WILL be Interviews – I hope to talk to all sorts of people

It’s LIKELY that you’ll get a smile or two as you share with us, there may even be some laugh out loud moments. (I’ve never been the funny sister so this is my big chance to shine. Yeah Baby Austin Powers confidence!!)
I could just clasp my hands together, lift my eyes up, tilt my head and say please, please, please, join the crew. Gooo onnn


Still thinking……



You are down here, so you are still reading, that’s a good sign so do it. Sign up.


the Miss and the ever patient Captain


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