Dear Ali,

I am presuming you and I can be on first name basis as this day you so casually entered the backend of my life and felt it was ok to turn it upside down.


Let’s start with names. You  can call me Miss and I can call you Al.


This morning I was shocked to open my browser to be greeted with your message rather than my own. Then I was nearly thrown out of bed when I got hit by the accompanying music.  (Cheers for that. Top Touch)

WTF popped into mind. Once I got over the shock of the hacking I wondered if I had lost my site forever. I was a bit worried I have to be honest. Then I was a little cross with myself as I wasn’t sure if my backup systems where good enough. It all seemed so much effort to be gone…



Why Kill Kittens For Fun?


Alright you didn’t kill kittens but hacking my site is kind of similar.


One has to ask WHY?


As I went about my day I wondered how getting access to my site made you feel. I had this odd picture of a youngish Muslim man beating his chest with two hands then pumping them in the air and saying Yeah I’m in – would this be the case?

Your hack is the equivalent of writing on the wall “Big Man Ali Hawlery was here”


Look At You Go, You Good Thing

I think you missed a winning shot. Why promote that fact that you are a Muslim and not hit the winner marketing point that you are a world class hacker. As a hacker you are part of a world community, a place you would have no trouble belonging in.

Since this site has only been up since September last year there have been over 350 bots and human attempts on the misscatana site, but you’re the only one in.

I wonder why you bother hacking  a little site like mine. I mean what’s the point.



Then Why Piss Off So Many


Why take down so many sites and then promote that fact that you’re a Muslim. Is not the point of  faith the idea to share, to invite and bring others to the fold?

I ask, is your mother really proud of such behaviour?




Are We Very Different You And I

You put your head on the floor to pray and I drink the blood of Christ so we do have a few differences but by being part of the human race we have a great deal in common.

One day we could meet and discuss these things.


No doubt you enjoy the love of family and friends as I do. Plus we both share the joy to be had on a computer even if your skills are superior to mine. Simpler pleasures – Sunshine, laughter, good sleep, and belief in family, God and the people around us. I am sure there is much to share.

So I am disappointed that our first meeting has got off to such a crummy start.



The Take Away From Today

The irony is the day has been saved by a Romanian Computer Programmer called Andrei.


Andrei and the company he works for are doing a grand job of breaking down the negative stereotype of Romanian computer hackers. I love this and my debt is to Andrei for saving the day.


“So the Miss and her site continue”. I am very pleased that I am not starting again from scratch.



the Miss


PS I do this day pledge to make a copy of words just in case. Plus the only person not so unhappy was my mum my least blog fan










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  1. the Miss

    HI there,

    The sad thing about this article is Ali’s friends send me a message and they along with others messages got trashed accidently. To everyone who made comment cheers and I apolgise you got hacked by the Miss by mistake.


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