So many nice things about being home over the summer including the chance to organise a new site. Never knock the joys of fast internet! Since we have been travelling I realised I needed a better gallery feature as well as easier blog access. Hope you like it…. let me know!


Being home over the Australian summer meant we got to celebrate “Straya” Day which is my favourite weekend of the year. Middle of summer, Triple J’s Hottest 100 and always celebrated with close friends near the beach.

Holiday Snaps From Tassie

As we have so many international readers, I thought it would be cool to load a few photos from Tasmania, My Island Home. This is without shame a skite post where you can see a tiny bit of Tassie and get a taste of how specky it is.

 Photos From Orford

Orford is an hours drive from the capital Hobart and just the beginning of the East coast of Tasmania which is beautiful coast for sailing and life.

On day two of our long weekend Captain Eric took six of us on a 20 minute trip across to Maria Island from the shack.

It’s Not “Europe Old” But It Is Specky

European history is really old compared to Australia. Australia has been settled for just over 200 years by the “white fella”so our old is your young.  In Tasmania we may not have old buildings or churches, what we do have is knock your socks off natural beauty, that is spectacular without sharing with too many other humans. Gotta love that.

bbI tell no lie – this beach was perfection. There was six of us and two strangers way off in the distance. The water was warm, the air clean and the water sensational.
I love this place I call home.


A Little Background On Maria Island

Before white man arrived Maria Island was often visited by the Aboriginals from the Tyreddeme band of the Oyster Bay tribe. It’s white history began in 1642 when a Dutchman called Abel Tasman sailed by and had a walk around. Then the English came in 1789 but only took serious interest in Maria after the French, led by Captain Baudin chartered and mapped much of the island in 1802. When the English did take it over in 1825 they converted the island into a penal settlement because a human dumping ground seemed like such a good idea. Yet this grim purpose was short lived as the island was seen as a soft touch by many of the convicts. Apparently it was easy to escape via the narrow channel to the main island Tasmania.

You have to feel sorry for an unlucky group of convicts who apparently drifted across the channel on a raft only to walk ashore into the arms of two lost police constables! What a bugger.
Now as a tourist to get to the island, which is all protected as a national park, you must arrive by boat. You can hire bikes or take your own, do short walks, longer ones or climb uphill to the most incredible views that will steal your breath away. Some people of the really wealthy tribe come to the island pay thousands of dollars to do the walks and sleep in luxurious tents while being pampered. Those from the average Joe Blow tribe get to bring their own tents and food.


We have been going to Orford nearly 20 years now and every single time I visit I re fall in love. It never gets old, riding, walking the cliffs, having a mulitude of awesome beaches, white sand and clear cool water. Best of all, our visits mean time with the best people we know.

Tasmania is a truly special place and it’s nice to share. Australia is a nice place too!


Cheers the Miss


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