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The must have blog. Not always about the boat or sea, but includes other interesting things like how to throw cheese at your teenager when incensed ...Read More

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Our Girl of the Ocean  

Fast, Sleek and Now 2014 Boat of the Year! …this is where you can find out more about Miss Catana, how she is built, what she looks like and what makes her popular. ..Read More

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The Captain and his Miss

A quick summary of who we are and our strengths, weaknesses and a crazy quest to sail away... read more






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Join Us On The Journey 

To be honest I do this site to amuse myself but you just might get a kick out of the journey as well…click here




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Kiss The Fish

A place for others to tell their tales. The good, the bad, the why and the why not! …click here




WRandom Guides Here 

A place to find random how to guides for not just running away to the sea but doing life as well…click here

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New Here? – Start at the Beginning

Lost. Why not at the beginning “Once Upon A Time”  Here is a site map to help you find your way  Read More

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Where Is The Girl Of The Ocean? 

If you want to know where in the world Miss Catana is right now,  … click and look  



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