Today we sell and no longer have ownership of our / their big beautiful home. More important today is the day of no return, the day equivalent of climbing to the top of the ten metre board and having a queue behind you. You Have to Jump, there is no going back.

Saying Goodbye has always been one of my strong points. The ability to walk away without too much pain and look forward to the future, and that’s how it has been with saying goodbye to our home Hotel Balmoral, number 43. Living a life of no regret or and just accepting whatever the situation is at the time.

I won’t say it hasn’t been emotional though, walking around the home and taking my video camera with me at this morning was tough,  I wasn’t actually able to speak as I was too busy trying to cry quietly. That’s another one of my traits, when I get upset I cry and cannot speak it’s as if the words and emotions are so strong that it renders my mouth shut while I focus on the crying. This is a poor habit especially when you want to have a decent argument and all you can do is go silent, look hurt and cry. Crazy but true.

Enough navel gazing, no more tears, today is an awesome day as it is the new page on the new adventure, project and I am happy. Truly. Plus tonight we fly to Queensland to go to my first ever boat show.

Let the adventure begin!

front door view - UTube Link

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