A week or so has passed since my last update and Miss Catana is sailing well.  The washing machine action has stopped, as did the wind for a couple of days, it has since returned.  Thank goodness, trying to sail across the world’s largest ocean with light winds, is like trying to drive a car with very little petrol in the tank.

There have been no major dramas to report since losing our main spinnaker, except for one small drama.  Our auto pilot had three little fits when huge waves came in.  The result was the auto pilot and all electronics on the boat were switched off.  Yikes -!!   I had horrible thoughts of the two of us hand steering the remaining nautical miles.  BUT, once the fuse was reset everything went back to normal.  Hooray.

Long may it remain so.

I thought you may be interested in some of the day to day processes of life aboard for the past three weeks.  Watches continue as before, one on watch while the other sleeps and vice versa.  I usually start solo around 8 or 9 AM and watch until 2 or 3PM then Gaz takes over. Each of us try and have a small snooze at some point during the day.  So far on watch we have only seen one Chinese fishing vessel.  That’s it.  As well as watching the horizon we watch and look after the sails.  As the wind changes so does the sail plan.  Also we need to keep the boat on the direct line set to the Island of Nuva Hira.  When the wind wants you to go more southerly this is a constant task.  We are missing our big spinnaker that made a huge difference to speed.  Still at one of our slower points of sail we still manage  6.5 to 7.5 daily average.  We are happy with that, we would be happier with higher, but hey, can’t control the wind.

Food with the Captain remains a highlight, it has included roast dinners, curries, rice and pasta dishes.  Still no fish caught, which means when we have sushi the canned tuna remains. The last of the fresh fruit is gone, Sniff Sniff,  still we have fresh vegetables in the form of cabbage, potato, carrots and sweet potato.  With just over 1000 nautical miles to go we can’t complain about the standard of food.  We even have ice cream in the freezer and ice in our daily lunch time drink.

No Miss Catana is not a dry boat.  I repeat not a dry boat.  The three other boats we are sailing with opt to go alcohol free for the sailing, whereas we look forward to our one drink each day. Yes this would have been a perfect opportunity to go alcohol free for a month, but come on, when you only have each other and blue waves and sky to look at, a daily wine or gin and tonic takes on a religious Communion experience.

Communication is the modern marvel, we can send and receive emails and phone text on a daily basis.  Important to the process is the daily download of the weather report.  With a week or less to Marqueses  Islands,  I’m pleased to say the Pacific is living up to its passive name at this stage.  It’s still a big ocean and anything can happen, still we are not expecting any hurricanes or major storms at this point. Entertainment includes reading and watching tv shows.  So far have watched Wentworth season 1 2 & 3, The Knick Season 1 and My Mad Fat Diary season 1 & 2.  Breaking Bad is next on the agenda.  I feel I should confess that I haven’t yet watched Breaking Bad so it is a watch this space, to see what I think.  It’s years on from its first release, finally I will be in with the BB crowd. Other highlights include not wearing shoes for three weeks straight, air drying naked at the helm after a shower, for the Captain the lack of underpants is a favourite. It’s a matter of enjoying the small things in life when at sea.

Cheers the Miss

PS  I should add that the Captain’s fishing still continues to entertain as well frustrate. Dah PPS  Fishing score: Fish 20 Captain 0 (he has strikes but hard to catch the buggers when you have a spinnaker up and you want to slow down)


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  1. Diane

    Hi Reet (and the Captain)… lovely to hear you are sailing away, safe and happy, as always your posts are a highlight of my day (I save it up to read when I have finished work)… love to you both. Di.xxx

  2. MosesSpids

    I love everything you post. You have done really good job

  3. MosesSpids

    I’ve seen something very similar in a different thread. You can definitely find some parts of that post useful, not everything of course, but I still think it’s worth checking out.

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