Step One – Research

When you are interested in something you immediately get things on the move to make the desire happen. You set up a spread sheet of costs and the what’s necessary (what don’t you do that step first), you look at every review article and YouTube link on the Internet you can find about the topic you’re interested in, you talk to the people concerned in selling the product and you try and find like-minded passionate people who will inform as well as agree with your new found opinion / passion.

As you know my new love “Miss Catana” now has become the focus, even though in my monthly goals I said we could stop looking at boats as we had found the one we wanted, but I was still allowed in the interests of research to look at all matters concerning Catana Yachts. Remember we have 18 months before we depart our Island.

Step Two – Talk to Catana Patrick to get figures

After a week of looking at boat show I decided it was time to ring Patrick, our very French man who lived and breathed Catana (well it sounds good and is seemingly true).

So in a nut shell here is a summary of the new figures:

1. Too buy the demo boat as show at Sanctuary Cove the asking price is $890,000 with additions to blue water cruise necessary add a nice $30,000 more thank you very much and then you can park it in Hobart to begin the journey.

2. To buy a blue water cruiser Catana with pick up from the factory in France you are looking at approximately $670,000 ordering a year out. I’m sure Tim the finance man would love that when I tell him.

Hmm 1 & 2 options are both expensive and big investments but option 2 is still better…But.

Step Three – Be Realistic Look at Second Hand Catana’s

Holly Molly, these bad boys are expensive even dating back to 1990’s! I know I shouldn’t be shocked as I have read in my research phase that Catana’s are the best resale cat on the market.

But wait what’s this boat I spy on my screen being sold in the south of France built 2010, has a great inventory, racing sails (captain happy) the layout we looked at in Queensland and overall is a really big tick and most importantly in my budget range.

Two weeks out from going to Sanctuary Cove Boat Show we are now looking earnestly at a Catana to buy. “Can You Believe?”

french flag

Step Four – Tell Me More and I Will Act

  1. Ex demo boat for formative year of life (lots of love, dreaming and lust happened on her deck by strangers)
  2. Purchased by Sailing School (not chartered) to teach all these lustful people the finer art of sailing all under the watchful gaze of a skipper. This means mad people who don’t know what they are doing aren’t in charge of the boat on their own. I’m in this category by the way.
  3. Patrick sent us a link to owners sailing school voyage (via photo) which shows the vessel on a few days sailing expedition (name at this stage unknown)WARNING Music on this YouTube link is criminal, dancing captain helps alleviate the pain.
  4. You tube video of boat for sale
  5. We start to ponder earnestly the consequences of buying this boat and logistically what would happen to all things by buying a boat on the other side of the planet 18 months out and the true impact on my budget and sanity.
  6. We start to look at websites for surveyors who hopefully can communicate in English better than I can communicate in French
  7. We research flights to France or Queensland to test drive the Catana

[Blimey we are really doing this aren’t we…]


  1. We start to pin point the conditions needed by us to buy this bad baby please reread above point
  2. Patrick informs us that the boat is currently called Opale lll a very Australian omen says he who is seeking his Australian citizen ship and had is interview on this very day. Good Luck Patrick – you’d make a top Aussie no doubt.
  3. We talk to Tim our all Finances guru man – I went a week early oops – and he says come back next week but not after saying what a great opportunity and we could go for it.
  4. Handy Patrick is off to France on Monday and will look at Miss Opale and we continue to organise a surveyor
  5. Yet to be completed but I presume a conditional offer will be made this week sometime. As is the case in all things on the market the devil is in the detail of the contract, we continue….Are you as amazed as me?

I will keep you informed as things proceed but considering only two weeks ago we were still looking at boats trying to decide which one we liked the best you could say this has all been a little hasty. However in my life once I confirm exactly what it is that I want, somehow the world seems to respond quickly and this decision is positively snail paced compared to the first date when I told Gaz he would marry me

Australian flag

PS If Handy French Patrick can help us pull this deal off, that would be his role as mate completed so I vote yes for citizenship!

PPS I really need a second job and to keep practicing my French – “Bravo a la vie”





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