Here are a few photos inside Miss Catana just in case anyone is interested in the spaces involved in living on a Catana 42.  Over coming weeks I will add more photos.

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  1. Renee Mineart

    These are great photos, thanks for posting.
    Although my dream is to eventually buy a Cat myself, I’ve yet to be on one. My experience with mono-hulls, and from what I’ve seen of Cats, I think a mono-hull is like living in a tent (often on a hill) while a Cat is more like living in a small (cosy) apartment.

  2. the Miss

    Hi Renee
    There is no such thing as a perfect boat but I know I would be hard pressed to buy a monohull over a catamaran. Glad you like the photos, now that I am off the boat I felt a little homesick and realised there was no photo section on my site! Fun to get some photos together and I will do a small video soon as well.

    the Miss

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