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“Men In The Air, Fish In The Sea”

I the Miss had the fortune of  growing up in a large family, three brothers and two sisters. One of my brothers was also my twin. (Lucky mum hey!)  As a kid, having a twin brother was fantastic, I got to be my own person but also got to share everything with my best friend. Age has


Let’s Pop Next Door & Have A Drink With The Neighbours

In Australia leaving the country takes effort. It requires a passport, planning, packing and usually a wallet full of cash. Not so in France. This week, all it took was a bit of wind and fuel and we had a sleepover at the next door neighbours in Spain. On morning of departure it seemed like

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When In France Be French

Currently we are living in the port town of Canet-en-Rousillon in the backyard of Catana. This is a hot spot summer tourist destination, and we have arrived at the beginning of the summer holidays. For two months of the year this place is jam packed with tourists. Already the bars and restaurants are full of

Our helm instruments prior to changes

Our First Sail, A King, & Parking A Tank

Sailing Your Boat For the First Time Is Like Being An Old Time Cowboy Spit In Your Hand And Shake Like any classic American movie scene, sailing Miss Catana is as good as spitting and shaking to close the deal. The deal is done. Miss Catana is officially complete and our new home. Well complete with


First Days Aboard Miss Catana

Having our bags take holiday’s without us proved to be a blessing in disguise.  We got to travel on trains and buses without the hassle. Travel light, travel easy. From these words it is obvious my bags have returned. Relief !!   Trains From Marseille To Our Boat Prior to departure from Hobart we had pre


Day One Down

It is yet to feel real. For the moment I am enjoying all the emotions that are going with the official start. Below is a quick bullet update of the journey thus far. Departure Hobart Airport with my beautiful three, sister and father. I found if I looked them in the eye I lost my

Travel day

Trust The Germans

This is our last weekend in Tasmania. How about that. In two days we jump on a plane to fly to the other side of the planet to live on the boat. Live on a boat. I’ve repeated in case you missed it the first time! At times this does my head in, so I

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The Saying Goodbye Process

Last week was tough. It was a week of loss and I for one have been greiving the changes made to my family in past days. First we lost our beloved friend and companion Lilly the Wonderdog. What was to be a move to a new home for her, became compromised health issues that the


What To Consider When Buying A Boat Overseas

Losing sleep with buyers regret. It’s always uncomfortable. Me, I find myself on my stomach, back, stomach, then eventually in the kitchen at some ungodly hour reaching for a cup of tea. For the average shopper the well documented process of buyers remorse, is around day 2 or 3 from signing on the dotted line. If

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Ewww So Gross

  My First Thought Was My Son Was “Taking The Mickey” I was sitting in the travel agents office organizing travel insurance, when my youngest phoned me to share the news that the family is now at war, with an enemy that I didn’t know still existed.   Scabies!   Are scabies even real? Wasn’t scabies


A Letter To A Kurdish Hacker From The Miss

Dear Ali, I am presuming you and I can be on first name basis as this day you so casually entered the backend of my life and felt it was ok to turn it upside down.   Let’s start with names. You  can call me Miss and I can call you Al.   This morning


Miss Catana Delivery Photos

The delivery from La Rochelle in the north of France to Canet in the south is complete. Miss Catana now waits for her new parents to come and collect her. Below are some photos we received showing some of the trip including some re jigging of the sheets by Christophe Delivery Captain Extraordinaire. The weather

Eclipse of the moon (15 April 2014) (1)

By The Light Of The Moon

Walter Pless was on hand with his camera, to capture the rare twilight total lunar eclipse over Australia on the 15th April. It was  beautiful! Apparently the eclipse will be visible from around all the Pacific rim and the delightful news is, it will happen twice this year, 29th April in case you missed it the


Yellow Fridge & Preparing To Say Goodbye

I have a yellow fridge. Well not normally but my fridge is currently wearing a coat of yellow post it notes. Each time I think of a must do deed or a must take item I write it on a post it note. It’s a good thing I have a big fridge. The aim is