I don’t know many Americans and I have only visited the country once, but so far I have always liked them. You have to admire their enthusiasm, confidence and zing.

Something about that bigness they seem to project into much of their culture. Big hair, big square jawlines on the men as well as the women (prom queen types) big meals and the big sales pitch. Its hard not to like a nation where everyone has the most amazing white teeth!

In my twenties, I will never forget meeting a 5 ft nothing American rancher who had come to Tasmania to give a talk about her passion which was cattle. The details behind our introduction I don’t remember, nor do I recall her name but I will never forget the encounter.

Somehow Captain and I were party to taking her to the beach for the first time and watching her joy and amazement as she ran into the water. There was no fear, no consideration of what others thought (she went straight in, who says you need bathers) just utter delight to experience water and ocean for the first time. Close to the edge because she couldn’t swim she jumped, splashed and threw herself into the waves, laughing with intense pleasure for what seemed a joyful eternity.

This childlike simplicity and joy from a middle aged woman was so attractive – this was my “When Harry met Sally moment” and I thought “I would like some of that.”

As I am in the middle of it all, I too seek a life with more moments like this rancher.

If so I will be a happy rancher too.

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