I’m so pleased your here!

My advice is go get yourself you a glass of wine or coffee because already there is a fair amount to read.

I am in charge of this site because my Captain is in charge of our soon to be boat. (I need to be the boss of something!)

This site is aiming to be a few things

1. Most of all not boring

2. Informative

3. Sharing – please talk back – there is so much opportunity for you to tell us what you think from fav book, best drink or answer the questions and tell your story.

4. It will be a place for me to share with my family in particular my three young adult children. My sister suggested this so the eulogy is easier for her and the kids can have some wise memento to go back to. (You will soon realise some of my family think I am not preparing for the journey of a life time but instead my ultimate demise!)

I am not so worried.

5. I am new to blogging so if you like or hate what you find, let me know. If you find something wrong or broken on the site let me know. I can fix this kind of thing really quick, unlike many other broken things in life.

So once again thanks for sharing with us & we look forward to getting to know you, as you will get to know us.

Cheers from the Miss x

PS someone asked me if it will be worthwhile signing up

My Answer – “Abso-freakin-lutely”