It was hard not to like the Hylas.

Early on in our search Hylas was on our radar, I was yet to convince the Captain that two hulls were better than one, but I too liked the look of these sleek sexy tailored boats. Plus Hylas has the world cruiser firmly in their sights as there end user so researching these boasts was always fun.

The first place I looked at when looking at second hand boats was David Walters site and a visit to Hylas home page – click here.

David Walters Hylas Yachts Logologo

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Fetching Light – Hylas 46

 Fetching Light Video link

Click to view a great sales pitch


Phil and Jill the co owners co captains of Fetching light give the impression that they really know what they are talking about! By the time I had finished on my first 22 minute viewing I really liked these guys.

(All those hand holds and  makeshift lee beds?  Yikes it makes you look twice at a cat)

Aquila – a Hylas 49  

The other Hylas on the market I really loved was called Aquila.

Aquila had her own site and never before had I been invited to share in detail the lives of others and gain insight into an otherwise private world.

Aquila was my introduction to blogging by sailors.

My favourite posts are the ones dealing with the emotion, in particular collecting a new boat and sailing her in dark for the first time, racing to get Aquila to a boat show and then venturing into the great unknown of the great big blue.

You have to like Lind and Mike as their site does resonate with truth and a warm human story.


Linda and Michael  -Aquilla

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Fetching Light

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