Naming a boat is like inking ones skin, around for a long time so make sure you like it! When we chose our name it was a early default name that stuck and we quickly grew to love. There is something moving about seeing your boats name on the hull for the first time, and it certainly ramps up the excitement levels. 

Re the below photos, I like seeing her as she is throughout the build process. No fuss, no staging just an honest update on where our girl is as she continues on her journey to the water. I am looking forward to shaking the hands and saying “Merci” to the team who have built her in June next year.

Our Girl Has Her Name

n 1

back porch


n 6

n 7














The above picture is of another new surprise safety feature. If your boat should turn upside down the big red disc helps Search & Rescue find you! (Hopefully never to be tested only polished now and then)

name 3

A beautiful Miss – indeed even if she looks a little sad without the mast and rigging.

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  1. Renee

    What a beautiful boat!

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of it getting wet for the first time.

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