After a tough week and both being a bit down in the mouth, the Captain and I decided we needed a weekend out.  The solution was to invite ourselves onto our friend’s bigger boat for a three night sleepover.  The days away was the impromptu first annual meeting of the Canet Escapees Club.  In other words an excuse to have some fun.

First things first

 It’s strange to sail other people’s boats and even weirder to sleep on another boat.  Life aboard sailors will know, once you start this lifestyle the common denominator in a constantly moving life is your boat bed.

It was however the ultimate test drive of two different boats and great fun to be had. There is a dark side to the process though…


Lady Roslyn in front taken from Miss Catana

Lady Roslyn in front taken from Miss Catana the weekend prior


The France Buyers Survivors Club  – Membership 6

When we purchased our boat we didn’t know that we would spend 7 months dealing with the yard to get our new boat departure ready, and to fix all the little issues that come with buying a new boat. We honestly did not know that buying new would be such a headache.  Even on the final day departing Canet there were tears of frustration and disbelief.  What made the entire process bearable was that we were not alone.  We shared it with other buyers both new and second hand.

This is not a Catana Bash post by the way, Fountain Pajot stands guilty as accused, as do other catamaran builders of France.  Lagoon and Leopard new owners talk about the same bullshit of lack of care once the money is paid and the boat is handed over.

It seems that buying a new boat is a tough business and only the hardy should apply.


FP (Fountain Pajot) Members Ty and Gina were already in Salamina and had shared the past week with us.  Catana Members Annie and Eric were meeting us at a local island where we would boat hop from the luxury of the new 50ft Sarba to the classic design and speed of the 472.




Ty’s Toys

What do you do when one of the boats has every toy on board, just like a superyacht?



Ty’s boat has an array of toys for play, including water skiing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, jet boarding, scuba diving and all in the warm Greek Waters.  Other social activities that must get a mention include shopping- girls only, great food, drinking and deck dancing.  The Captain Twerking his tosh to “Fat Boys Slims Shaking that Arse” was a classic moment.



Who needs matches when you can use a flamethrower – the boys ready to ignite!


A Master Class With Mr.  &  Mrs. Incredible


As a sailor you quickly learn that ego has no place on a boat


There’s no faking  it either.  You either know what to do or you don’t.


So when you are offered lessons from a couple who have a lifetime of experience, without any ego it’s a bit like a perfect hand in poker, A WINNER! The “beautiful couple” Annie and Eric are both oozing boating talent and experience.  In fact for one couple to have so much talent doesn’t seem quite fair to the rest of us ordinary folk.

Annie is an experienced captain, medal winning Olympian, America’s cup commentator, and now live aboard cruiser.  She is also a talker and one of life’s enthusiasts.  Eric is not a conversationalist, and when he speaks it is a slow process, unless he is discussing boats, then he ramps up a little.  He is a catamaran designer, rigger, experienced sailor, having specialized in Hobbie catamarans and a racer extraordinaire.  Eric’s story of shipwreck and near disaster in his mid-twenties got our full attention and can I add OMG!

Addicted to sailing at high speed, these two have only recently married so to top off that impressive list of skills and good looks, they are the newlyweds “take me to bed and love me forever” thing happening.

I have no doubt their educational charter business will be a hit when they go home.  Lucky me, I got a weekend of instruction for free!


Annie and Eric

Annie and Eric in racing mode


My Favourite Learning Moments

Best learning for me was going for a morning sail to have a crack at their spinnaker in preparation for putting up our new spinnaker.  One of the mornings was perfect with 11 knots of breeze producing a zippy 8 knots of sailing.  I learnt heaps of tips and tricks like putting up the main without the winch, with one person pulling the other tailing which was COOL and fast.  Most significant for me was Annie managed without even trying to empower me to feel that I belonged in this world of sailing.  Nice one Annie!


Doing it is better than reading a book

Doing is better than reading a book about sailing


Gimme More And I Wants

My weekend ended with a bad case of boat envy.  Ty and Gina’s brand new 50ft Fountaine Pajot and Annie and Erics Catana 472 allowed the dark side to appear.

Succumbing to the dark side involves ” More…….. and I Want”

I Want

Gimme More boat, more speed, more space.
Just more.

I want a washing machine, I want air con, I want an ice maker, and I want more cupboard space.
I want it all.


Jeez envy is not attractive……


Good thing it didn’t last long. :)

Once I got back aboard our boat I immediately felt lucky and happy with my  home and my life.

She is fast.
She is Strong.
She is roomy.
She is shiny and new with no problems.
She is ours.
She is trustworthy.
She keeps us safe.
Who needs an icemaker when you have a freezer.



What now…..


The Big Blue Awaits

Everything we are doing now is preparation to cross the Atlantic late in November.  The list of checking, cleaning and general maintenance are being ticked off steadily.  We returned to Salamina because this is the best place we have found in our travels to get work done on the boat.  Amazing electricians, riggers, sail makers and who ever else we need.  The costs charged are fair and so far all the work has been done to a high standard.

I love the Greeks and Greece, I will be sad to leave as we start our sail west towards our first long crossing of ocean….. OPaa!!


Exciting times ahead



the Miss


PS When we sell our boat it will be a lucky new owner as they won’t have access to the Canet Buyers Club.  Hell I’d love to buy our boat if I was a buyer knowing how she is looked after!!  Miss Catana is the best.  Currently we are thinking we will sell in the Northern Hemisphere once our time is up and we have to go back to work beginning 2017.

PPS The photos or lack of is an indication of me saying I was having a weekend off, now I regret that poor decision.






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