It was a pig of a day to sail.

It was cold. It was windy and there were bigger waves than I had ever experienced.

On the up I wasn’t scared, and after two days with Mathieu and Gaz coaching me, I felt even a tiny bit confident. Except when the Captain decided to be a nutjob and pretend to do a dance on the side of the boat, no harness and in very rough conditions. Then I was white hot mad. If he had gone over, I would have had trouble getting him back, simple as that.

As my good friend Greg would say “Gary you idiot.”


I can over react at times.
Sometimes my husband can be a nob.



It Was A Good Day / It Was A Shit Day


In fact this sail was note worthy as for the first time, I felt comfortable with the boat 100%. Even though the conditions were tough it was a beautiful day to sail. The day was more about enduring the conditions rather than worrying about such things as drowning, falling overboard or not knowing what to do next.

I can’t lie but this day I was so grateful to reach port. Yet this was a day I found peace as I rode the waves and hulls of Miss Catana.

Maybe I will be a sailor yet.



the Miss


PS I think the Captain is quite proud to be a nob sometimes … All is forgiven and he has promised not do a repeat performance.

PPS I hope your are enjoying my new “amateur” video attempts!


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