At the stroke of 12.45 pm Miss Catana time, for this particular part of the ocean, it is 4 days sailing across the Atlantic, 96 hours on our boat and boy does it feel so much more – (ain’t that a bastard when you still have 1367 nautical miles to go).

Not that the sailing has been bad, it’s just a long way to go.

The Trip Thus Far By Numbers

We are 32.9% of the 2038 nautical miles complete.
Our average speed over the entire trip has been 6.989 (so close!)
Average speed for previous 24 hrs – 7.37nm /hr
In 96 hours we have travelled 671 nautical miles
Sail plan is one main up with one reef in.  This has been the case for the past 48 hours.  Reason
is our Genoa is not setting or filling with the wind directly behind.  This works for the moment so
Keeping it this way.  Long game plan currently in action, meaning comfort and crew happiness taken
into consideration.

Weather for the past four days of 20 to 25 knots Easterly, looks set to continue for the next four days.
Food stores are overwhelmingly healthy with provisioning for 21 days so yes there is plenty to eat.
Dead flying fish remains at 6 with one fish being smart enough to hit a helmsmen and thus
managed to be sent back to sea.
For 97% of the time hand helming continues 24/7 as it is so much more effective to control the steering
wheel when surfing down such big waves.  We are yet to eat a meal as a crew of four as an
indicator of our commitment levels to speed.

Entertainment highlights vary according to each individual on board.  They have included any good sleeping sessions and good cooking.  Whilst one crew member whose name starts with G (Male crew only) informs us that he has commissioned 4 good return packages to the sea via the toilet as a highlight.  My highlight is being at episode 5 of the audio, who dunnit serial which I can listen to whilst my turn at the helm.

Mood on the boat continues to remain high with an average rating of 7.5/10.

Happy Days

Cheers the Miss

PS For the first four days the numbers of how far to go are so big, I try not to look at these.  Instead I focus on how fast.  Speed is king on a boat.

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