Am I boring you by chance, are you here by mistake or are you actually interested in what I have to say? I ask the question as my big  sister tells me this is all quite boring…


After sending her my latest thoughts via an email (this is pre finished website) she promptly responded to tell me thanks but no thanks.

I quote “Oh blogs are group letters to let all your friends and family know (in the most impersonal way ever invented) what a great life you have.”

She then asked to be taken off a very select email group of about 4 people.  Ouch.

This makes me wonder what my motivation for blogging truly is and should I even bother.

This is new to me, I’m not even sure if I like reading me – let  alone you the unknown public, why should you care?

The 10 Why Bothers?

1. I am truly worried that at some stages on our journey I will get bored as I am normally a very busy person. I see writing as a long term out. No time like the present to start and try and improve my skills as I go.

2.It will allow me to ask others the big questions of life and hear their answers. I would love to have a site that allows others to share, offer knowledge and suggestions but isn’t trying to sell something as the pay off.

3. I love to know the emotion and the process behind big decisions in other people’s lives, often the journey is as fascinating as the destination, so I thought others may appreciate an insight into our “Do Doing Done” moments in life

4. If I give you one laugh it will fulfill my life desire to just once be the funny sister

5. Even if I am writing for an audience of one you are extremely important and I care

6. .If it is really bad, this site will give you someone to laugh at and rant about, then you can make comment and tell me so

7. I want to learn how to use a video editing program & take great photos (it’s on my bucket list) this will make me

8.  I have loved reading, no devouring, every in depth blog and website about others sea journeys because I am passionately interested so I thought I should return the favour.

9.  One day my children will actually be interested in who their parents really are.

Note to point 9 – My beautiful 21 yr old daughter has told me that she will not be reading this blog as she is not that interested. “My response is “Excellent then I can write about you all I want.”    (Oh to be young again and have the planets revolve around you…)

10. A blog will force me to be a record keeper, to take note, observe and share my experience – this I think is a good thing


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