Do sit ups and press ups everyday


Have three days alcohol free each week


Watch Breaking Bad –  watching the first episode three times over thus far does not count


Do my taxes and be on top of all bookwork


Check my credit card statements each fortnight without fail


Laugh at all my husband bad jokes


Read Ulysses


Have an alcohol free month


Learn how to do yoga


Look cool doing yoga on the front nets of the boat early each morning


Remember the names and boat names of the people we meet the next time we see them in port


Press ups and sit ups every day


Read Moby Dick or at least listen to the audio book I have downloaded


Listen to any of those podcasts I downloaded before we crossed the Atlantic


Back up all my photos and videos because I know one day my tardiness will hurt


Text or call and respond to your emails


Write a stunning piece each and every week


Launch a new YouTube Channel – ok that is coming on the 29th August


Respond to your long wonderful emails with a long wonderful email


Sorry for being so long in posting


OK only a little bit sorry




the Miss


PS exciting things are coming your way!!


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