Following in The Footsteps of Captain James Cook

Whilst sailing this leg of the Pacific Ocean, I have read a novel about the life achievements of Captain James Cook.  As a child I was taught about Cook (or ‘Kook’ as the islanders called him).  My appreciation did not amount to much.  I knew he was English, that he officially discovered Australia, New Zealand


Crossing The Pacific – Let The Journey Begin

Our starting time to cross the Pacific Ocean was to be 7.00 am. We had a start time because we are in the unofficial “Get To The Beer Rally”   Whilst in Panama we made alliance with two UK boats, Lion Heart of Clyde, Oddity and NZ boat Nora J.  On the second last night

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Crossing The Panama Canal

A short history before I start transiting the canal………. A Quick History Lesson On The Canal  Building a canal that stretches 124 kms from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean is not a modern idea.  It was first considered in 1500’s when the Spanish King, Charles The First commissioned  a survey be carried out, but he decided it was an impossible task at

shelter bay

Hiring Firing And Trusting Your Gut

Before we travelled the Panama Canal we first had to check in to Marina Shelter Bay. Shelter Bay was the closest thing I have experienced to living in a nursing facility.  Organised radio schedules each morning, organised games, organised swap meets, get together dinners, bring your own instrument for sing alongs and field trips to watch the

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It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

I used to count sailing legs by the hour, now I count by the day.  Is it a two day, five day or four thousand nautical miles perhaps?  Oh, how things have changed- in the early days of life aboard Miss Catana, a 50 nautical mile journey was considered a big day of sailing.  Then there was