Silver Gull (Larus novae hollandia)

Birds of the Sea by Walter Pless

Some people don’t realise just how important they are to the fiber of a community, the unsung heroes who quietly toil and create, give and work to make the places we all live in greater for their contribution. My friend Walter Pless is one of these community heroes. For years he has been the voice


“Sorry What Did You Say…”

I had many expectations but what I got was a complete surprise! I thought “on the scene ready to go” Patrick was going to get back to us with a price to work off, what I got was the owner no longer wants to sell he loves his boat too much and what he thought


“I Wait- J’attend”

Waiting is now the order of the day. We wait to see if Miss Catana will be ours as the seller considers our offer. Our original offer has not been well received so the seller has gone to consider, and so we wait. Patrick has promised to get back to us by end of today

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The Quest To Buy A Boat Begins

Step One – Research When you are interested in something you immediately get things on the move to make the desire happen. You set up a spread sheet of costs and the what’s necessary (what don’t you do that step first), you look at every review article and YouTube link on the Internet you can

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

“The Devil In The Detail “

Same Same But Different. The Catana is stronger, lighter so faster, the Seawind has a kitchen as good as a small apartment and water maker, washing machine  the Leopard has a front porch that would be perfect for cocktails and the Lagoon the best seating and lounging around areas by far. Ultimately it comes down

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“And The Winner Is…”

Sunday 26th Sanctuary Cove Boat Show – The Expectations, The Surprises, And The Winner Is… Friday we sell our house and travel to Queensland to visit our first ever boat show in our quest to find a new home of the floating variety. The Boat Show Expectations: I would love the Leopard it would be


“Sale of Home to Sail Away…”

Today we sell and no longer have ownership of our / their big beautiful home. More important today is the day of no return, the day equivalent of climbing to the top of the ten metre board and having a queue behind you. You Have to Jump, there is no going back. Saying Goodbye has

The Practical How to Stuff

“Only 9,999 Hours to Go”

“The rule says that in order for an individual to master any complex skill, be it brain surgery or playing the cello, she must put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. […] But what exactly are we learning when we’re beating our brains out all those years? … What these masters were learning was to speak

Ancient Mariner

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1979-98

I recently read this poem from start to finish aloud to my father. I had forgotten how worthy to invest the time in this grand tale. The story moves from annoyance of the guest to horror.The words will remain longer than the poem takes to read… PART I It is an ancient Mariner, And he stoppeth

Impact on language

“The Impact Of The Sea On The Words We Use”

Below is an exstentive list put together by a chap called Brian Douglas Berlin Brian has kindly agreed for the Miss to have his work to be available on the site. If you can add to missing phrases it will be gratefully accepted and included in this working document. (I the First Wife will have


“Why The First Wife & Not The Second”

My Captain, he is a dear and I do adore, but this trip was on troubled waters as we looked at monohull yachts early on when investigating to buy a boat. This lack of unity is a rare creature in our family but at one point in this journey I suggested to the Captain he

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The Practical How to Stuff

“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”

Big Hairy Audacious Goal, well that’s what I’m calling mine. Not an original idea but i’m  happy to use it. Setting sail for most of us means sacrifice, goals and a budget. I have always been a fan of a goal or two and I love to write a list, even if its a back


“Once Upon A Time….”

We all have a once upon a time moments in life – the beginnings of the story, the start of drama or big adventure – the once before the now. Our story started as a love story, but you can get a big picture view via “about us” this post is the starting point for this