12 Ways A Sailing Life Will Change You

“Oh how the mighty have fallen” announced my sister as I sat on my mattress on the floor in my daughter’s house surrounded by our possessions.  Her judgment passed, she viewed our return from our boat and what she perceived as a major step backwards in our life’s fortunes.  We are returning from our boat


Experience Trumps Be Ready… And Other Sailing Truths

I had plenty of time to think as we sailed from Samoa to Fiji, hence one night I put together what I think are some valid sailing truths.   Truth: Most people want to live the great adventure that’s inside them, they will never do anything about it.  Perhaps it’s lack of opportunity for most people, yet I suspect it is fear

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How To Convince Your Partner To Go Sailing With You

Before You Leave   We have met plenty of solo sailors or sailors with crew who haven’t convinced their significant other, that life on the sea is worthy.  It doesn’t have to be this way but there are a few rules you need to consider before you buy and set sail.   Your partner needs

The only way to watch a show in the daytime without glare!

Things I Said I Would Do On The Boat But Haven’t

Do sit ups and press ups everyday   Have three days alcohol free each week   Watch Breaking Bad –  watching the first episode three times over thus far does not count   Do my taxes and be on top of all bookwork   Check my credit card statements each fortnight without fail   Laugh at

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Sailing For Real In French Polynesia

Is sailing French Polynesia anything like the Tourist brochures that promise perfect weather?  First thought is of course not, we know that tourist brochures are full of half truths and photo shopped images, I thought I’d add some tips that are missing from the brochures as well as some choice words from the brochure I have on board. Promises in

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Pacific Time Cruising Style

In my former life every aspect of my day was constrained by time.  Even down time, holidays and weekends off, was the conscious presence of time lingering in the background.  Perhaps the definition of childhood, is lack of time awareness, as a child life just is and we live in the moment and experiences on offer.  The


My Captain And The Risk

  The Captain Himself In this post I want to talk about the other half of this adventure, my constant companion and only person I get to talk to, the Captain. Captain Of The Good Ship Miss Catana My Captain is English born.  His parents immigrated to Australia from England, the Captain was just under one year


Sailing On Day Twenty

A week or so has passed since my last update and Miss Catana is sailing well.  The washing machine action has stopped, as did the wind for a couple of days, it has since returned.  Thank goodness, trying to sail across the world’s largest ocean with light winds, is like trying to drive a car with very little petrol


Crossing The Pacific Ocean

Speed And Date Slippage   Yesterday was day 11 of our passage across the Pacific.  When you get on a boat and know that you will be on that boat for a long stretch, days and nautical miles mean absolutely nothing.  For some reason I thought it was day 7 that’s how it is.  I just don’t


Am I Ready To Cross The Atlantic

Prior to life at sea and in the comfort of solid house foundations I sat in wide eyed wonder reading books and watching youtube video’s of yachts, massive ships and cruise liners at sea in wild storms. I had immersed myself in tales of tempest so vast and dangerous that even the most skilled and