Let’s Celebrate We Are Half Way!!

That is a big deal in the world of a Miss on a boat with 2000 + nautical miles to complete before walking on white sand. Sitting under palm trees and sipping on a dark rum whilst looking East and knowing that we have just come from there. Whoo Hoo!
(Ok forget the rest, white sand firm between my toes is holding enough appeal right at this moment.  smile emoticon

So far the journey highlights include food, sleep, good sailing and moonlight.  No kidding that’s how sailing reduces joy to small everyday deals.  I should also add having a Captain who I love next to me and a crew that are pretty awesome also helps the mix.  The mood on the boat is high and all of us are happy and enjoying the experience.

Yesterday we had our first meal together, as the waves played nice and let us turn on the auto pilot whilst we consumed an Australian style Christmas lunch.

Prior to leaving the Verdes we had said we would do our Christmas meal on New Years Eve,  5.5 hours in the kitchen to produce a roast with all the excess traditional, including roast turkey.  Our oven was tested to its limits and the cooking of broccoli in cheese sauce and the creamy potatoes cooked prior to the roast meat and vegies made for a late lunch.  Once consumed belly skin was stretched out tight to the point of bursting.  Yep it felt just like a Christmas lunch should.

Straight after Christmas we got to celebrate year’s end!

Passing from one year to the next always gives pause for reflection and it has been a huge year on so many levels.  We have sailed to amazing countries, had visits from friends and got to experience stuff you only dream about.  Then we had some dramas from home, which brings the focus back to what is important.  People, family and relationships.  Overall a specky year I won’t forget.  I count myself as one lucky girl as my children are healthy and freaking fantastic as well.

So here’s to celebrating, crossing halfway points and gratitude for an awesome year past and an exciting one ahead.

the Miss


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