Anchoring Is A Spectator Sport

Question: How many times do you set an anchor and fail before you say enough is enough and move on? Answer: For this Miss and her Captain 5 times It may seem like a fail but it wasn’t all bad. Throughout the process of laying, raising and doing it all again, there was no foot stomping,


Cruising In Albania – Part Two

Part two of cruising Albania with pictures and video. Re the temperature for Blue Eye, it was a constant 10 degrees, enough to cause to pain.   Anyone out there using Adobe Premier Pro, if you are adept (unlike amatuer me) could you please email me the correct format to save files for website. I have to double click video


Timing Is Everything

It was a cracking sail. We departed the island of Paxos using our motors, wind was absent. Then by midday the wind was between 18 and 22 knots on the beam/side and Miss Catana was sailing along at 8 to 11 knots all afternoon. 10/10 Sailing conditions, only thing missing was sunshine. At one stage we saw a


Cruising in Albania – Part One

  I Am Embarrassed To Confess I have a major flaw as a new sailor, it’s to do with one of the fundamentals. Living in the Northern hemisphere, I no longer instinctively know where North is. By crossing to the other side of the world, North along with South, East, and West have all moved. On the positive I still

Corfu blue

Racing To Corfu & The Greek Islands

This post is a quick update to share that we have now departed Albania and arrived in Corfu Greece. If you are wondering about our trip to Albania, it was wonderful and surprising and I have much to tell. A review on cruising in Albania will be posted soon, so watch this space.   Goodbye Albania

It is nearly ANZAC day and it surprised me to see poppies are everywhere
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Across The Seas Of The Mediterranean

We have now crossed to the other side of Europe. Moving from the Gulf of Lion and the Balearic Sea, across the Tyrrhenian Sea, through the mythical strait of Messina and across the Adriatic Sea. From start to destination it was 17 days, Canet, France to Sarande, Albania, a journey that marked the official start of


Downwind Sailing Olbia to Arbatax Sardinia

It was a pig of a day to sail. It was cold. It was windy and there were bigger waves than I had ever experienced. On the up I wasn’t scared, and after two days with Mathieu and Gaz coaching me, I felt even a tiny bit confident. Except when the Captain decided to be a nutjob and


Escaping The Winds Of Canet

Good things come to those who wait. Oh how we had waited and oh how good it was to say goodbye to the people of Canet. Also the lads in the boat next door, and the windy Gulf of Lion. My favourite goodbye is for the wind. It’s ever present roar 24/7, became an intrusion on

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Today We Ride

Canet en Roussillon is the windiest place I have ever lived in, I grew up in Windy George Town, Tassie so this is a big statement. Even though we have been ready to depart for three weeks, constant strong winds blowing over 35 knots and at times gusting to 55 knots means we had to stay longer. It

Tunisa banner I get it

I Just Don’t Get It

Yesterday I heard the shocking news of 23 people being murdered at the Bardo museum in Tunisia plus the 2 dead extremists. As you know we were there not long ago and it was the highlight of our trip to Tunis. Bardo Museum was an incredible place. The real tragedy is that it is a

Toule Two Sauces 014

Cooking Lesson With Toulee – Must Have Asian Sauce

By Popular Demand!! Toulee “Two Sauces” shows us how to make his first must know signature dish Toulee Asian Sauce. Perfect with rice, steamed vegies this sauce is a perfect addition to your cooking repertoire. We put it on rice, add to curries or pasta. The good news is the herbs can be frozen or easy to

virginia and dennis banner

Virginia Johns Kisses The Fish

It had been a horrid day last year in November when we arrived at our destination Porto Vecchio Corsica in November. For much of the sailing we had battled wind gusts of over 45 knots, cold, rain and overall miserable conditions. Our welcome back to France was not fun. The marina had all but shut down

spain border prostitutes

A Quickie Across The Border

This weekend between lunch and dinner we went to visit the neighbours next door. For this trip instead of sailing we took the Catana Green Machine our fantastic van and our credit card. France in the morning, Spain for the arvo and back to France for dinner. (I still get a huge thrill out of crossing borders even


S/V INXS Catana 47

Our neighbour used the words “Hell Hole” to describe winter in Canet, he was waiting for his new 47 Catana to be delivered. His boat was delayed in production for 3 months and now it was complete, the wind was having the last laugh delaying his departure by a further two weeks. As for us we have only been