Get Me Down. Now!

We have been told it was a matter of when not if we would have a breakage on the Atlantic crossing.  Still I was hopeful that a departure check by a rigger, electrician and mechanic, plus a new boat the above factors might allow us to travel from Europe to the America’s without too much drama.  In fact I

An early morning Canet departure delayed. Check out that goodbye sky.

It Is Time To Go West

It wasn’t easy returning to Canet en Roussillon, France.  Last time I was here I vowed never to return, yet here I was, on my way back. Not that Canet is a horrible place, far from it, but having been here before I know that once in Canet it is hard to leave.  First Canet


Time To Go And 70 Knot Winds

Today is my last day in Australia and the countdown is on.  I am homesick for my husband and home aboard Miss Catana.  The confusing side of my homesickness is when with my children and family I change my tune and don’t want to leave.  Plus the luxuries of home life such as long showers, automatic washing machines,


Photos Of Miss Catana

Here are a few photos inside Miss Catana just in case anyone is interested in the spaces involved in living on a Catana 42.  Over coming weeks I will add more photos.


Online Dating To Get Crew

I had a dilemma. At the last minute I decided I wanted to go home to be with our daughter, leaving meant the Captain would be on his own and our boat has to keep moving west if we are to be crossing the Atlantic in November.  The Captain talked about solo sailing, which was making me choose

Lady Roslyn in front taken from Miss Catana

Exclusive Membership To A Survivor’s Group

After a tough week and both being a bit down in the mouth, the Captain and I decided we needed a weekend out.  The solution was to invite ourselves onto our friend’s bigger boat for a three night sleepover.  The days away was the impromptu first annual meeting of the Canet Escapees Club.  In other words an

Black and white emma

“Mum I’ve Got Some Bad News”

It was a phone call that tore, ripped and altered.  The conversation sucked all joy with a few short words.  In fact it was one word that punched. C A N C E R     WTF   WTF   WTF   What The Fuck!!!!   It was our 23 year old daughter and she was


Cruising Turkey – A Love Hate Affair

I have always wanted to go to Turkey, almost for as long as I could remember.  For years I have dreamed of the land of East meeting West, the country of the red flag, crescent moon and white star. One of those pre kick the bucket countries on the to do list.  I don’t even know

4Travelling to Galliopli Website

Sailing To Gallipoli

As I write this we are currently passing through one of the world’s busiest waterways the Dardanelles. This is the mouth of the long passage that leads directly to Istanbul and from there through to the black sea.  Every week hundreds of boats from all over the world pass through this narrow stretch of water

015Greece One

Sailing The Greek Islands Itinerary

Six people, three weeks, one boat and a Miss in charge of where we were going and for how long. Therefore you can be as sure as the pope being catholic that I had planned an itinerary before our friends arrived. Below is a review of the route we took and some of the best bits from


A to Z Off Sailing The Ocean

Whoo Hoo Let’s Celebrate –  It’s Our Birthday! Happy Birthday to the Captain and his Miss for one year living on Miss Catana!   Sailing Through The Alphabet As I sailed last week I reflected on the lessons learnt and the emotions experienced over the past year, I decided to run through the list as dictated by


Mykonos The Island Of English Sunburn

Our departure from Salamina was perfect, no wind which was great as our boat was sandwiched side on between two smaller yachts, not impossible, just so much easier without the standard NE wind.  A bit of a shove from the side by the Captain and we were out and off on a long day of sailing toward the

gallery three

Catana I Told You It Was Sick

I am taking small comfort in the fact that we were right and Catana were wrong.  I can thank too much wind for proving we were right, being right can be of cold comfort. It was a week ago when we opted to go through the Corinth Canal, on this day there was wind for sailing. Problem was