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Hiring Firing And Trusting Your Gut

Before we travelled the Panama Canal we first had to check in to Marina Shelter Bay. Shelter Bay was the closest thing I have experienced to living in a nursing facility.  Organised radio schedules each morning, organised games, organised swap meets, get together dinners, bring your own instrument for sing alongs and field trips to watch the

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It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

I used to count sailing legs by the hour, now I count by the day.  Is it a two day, five day or four thousand nautical miles perhaps?  Oh, how things have changed- in the early days of life aboard Miss Catana, a 50 nautical mile journey was considered a big day of sailing.  Then there was

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Provisioning In Martinique To Cross Pacific

The morning after we made the decision to cross the Pacific Ocean, I had an emotional meltdown.  I was not thinking about the nautical miles, I was not thinking about crossing the Panama, I was not thinking about being alone with my husband for months on end.  I Was thinking about shopping.  Everything I read on the


After Changing My Mind I Am Now On My Way Home

This is the longest I’ve gone between posts, I can be excused as my brain hasn’t been functioning right.  I have been a Miss textbook definition of confusion with our decision to sell Miss Catana.  The Captain has strolled into the idea without hesitation where as I had a boat selling head ache. The idea of someone

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What’s It Like To Sail Across The Atlantic

Our Atlantic crossing is complete.  I have come a long way to be in this place.  I have travelled from one horizon to another and I can now count myself as one who has crossed an ocean in a sailing boat.  Yipee. All that needs to be done is to share what the experience was like.


Atlantic Crossing – Day 11 Take 2

If a girl would have had a bowl of pretzels she would have cried into them.  But as I don’t actually like pretzels a gin and tonic had to do. After 11 days into our journey and less than 200 nautical miles from our destination the mood on the boat has come crashing down.  I haven’t


Atlantic Crossing – Day 11 Update

With 190 odd nautical miles to go and approximately 36 hours to get to our destination, I’m feeling pretty chuffed with how things are going.  I know thousands of sailors and ordinary people have made the Transatlantic crossing before me so it may seem ho hum an experience as far as adventure goes.  Not for me. 

Day 10

Atlantic Crossing – Day 10 Upate

My girlfriend Annie is a world class sailor, she and her husband have recently finished first in the catamaran division on their Catana 47 El Gato crossing the Atlantic in the Arc race.  4th overall.  What can I say but Totally Awe Inspiring! So when Annie speaks or offers hard won knowledge we listen. Annie’s

By journey's end we loved these two!

Atlantic Crossing – Day 8 Update

The travels of Miss Catana continue.  As I write this post we are 4 hours off our next marker of 8 days complete, and 740 nautical miles from destination Barbados.  We are 9 nautical miles off course and currently attempting to stop the rot and move back to our direct line.  I will say hand


Atlantic Crossing – Half Way

Let’s Celebrate We Are Half Way!! That is a big deal in the world of a Miss on a boat with 2000 + nautical miles to complete before walking on white sand. Sitting under palm trees and sipping on a dark rum whilst looking East and knowing that we have just come from there. Whoo Hoo!

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Crossing The Atlantic – Day 4 Update

At the stroke of 12.45 pm Miss Catana time, for this particular part of the ocean, it is 4 days sailing across the Atlantic, 96 hours on our boat and boy does it feel so much more – (ain’t that a bastard when you still have 1367 nautical miles to go). Not that the sailing has

Journey's End I still loved him too xx

Crossing The Atlantic – Day Two Update

Well 48 hours have passed by and our average is now 7 knots per hour, which Captain and I are slightly disappointed by.  With the wind right behind us it is hard to take advantage of the 20 to 24 knot winds we have had consistently.  A slight change would mean being able to use


Am I Ready To Cross The Atlantic

Prior to life at sea and in the comfort of solid house foundations I sat in wide eyed wonder reading books and watching youtube video’s of yachts, massive ships and cruise liners at sea in wild storms. I had immersed myself in tales of tempest so vast and dangerous that even the most skilled and


A Shakedown Cruise, Crew and A Fail

Recently our crew member the Force 7 made a point about the personalities on board, saying Miss Catana has one Captain, one President and two Crew.  No reward for guessing who Madame President is.  It was a throw away comment made in jest but it did get me thinking.  What is it like living with