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Delicious Asian Sauce

I can’t throw in steak knives but this recipe is not only delicious, easy to make, can be stored in the freezer or long term on a boat or in a pantry. This is the sauce I mentioned, was a great success for the Catana workers’ lunch. Toulee has handed over his secret recipe after a request

ARCTIC P PARINGA and WATAGAN (11 January 2014)
The Practical How to Stuff

The Four Steps To Learning

There are four recognised levels of learning. 1. The Whatever 2. The WTF 3. Go You Good Thing 4. The Let Me Show You How. 1. Unconscious Incompetence – Whatever! Where you don’t know how to do something, yet ignorance is bliss and you don’t really care. You continue to be happy doing what you

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“7 Rules For Choosing A Partner”

I own a hat box which holds all the special stuff I gathered as a teenager and young twenty something. Included in the box are love letters from my first boyfriend who used to write to me every single week, if not every single day – I kid you not. He took romantic to a

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How To Be…Motherly Miss Advice

I have thought it ridiculous how easy it is to conceive in comparison to raising a child. Joy at the birth turns to shock and wonder as you  question how you became responsible for the lives of three little beings. You have to ponder sanity when you think cabbage leaves are a perfectly acceptable fashion accessory.

The Practical How to Stuff

“What A Strange Site This Is”

A couple of people have asked me what this part of the site is all about, one has even suggested strange. Basically I thought it would be cool to have in one place  “how to guides, what we did, or are doing” on all manner of things and then share the practicalities. For instance currently

The Practical How to Stuff

“Only 9,999 Hours to Go”

“The rule says that in order for an individual to master any complex skill, be it brain surgery or playing the cello, she must put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. […] But what exactly are we learning when we’re beating our brains out all those years? … What these masters were learning was to speak

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The Practical How to Stuff

“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”

Big Hairy Audacious Goal, well that’s what I’m calling mine. Not an original idea but i’m  happy to use it. Setting sail for most of us means sacrifice, goals and a budget. I have always been a fan of a goal or two and I love to write a list, even if its a back