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Shouting And The Neighbours

Our boat was sailing on a piece of silk, the water so calm it looked like one massive piece of glistening cloth. The boat rose and fell as though the ocean was breathing.  No faster than a walking pace we inched further away from Canet de Rousillon and toward our planned escape. For the past seven


A Letter To A Kurdish Hacker From The Miss

Dear Ali, I am presuming you and I can be on first name basis as this day you so casually entered the backend of my life and felt it was ok to turn it upside down.   Let’s start with names. You  can call me Miss and I can call you Al.   This morning

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Moving To The Water

Below are the photos of our Miss Catana being moved from the yard, through the local town to be placed gently into the water. No easy feat when you are a 12.58 metre long x 6.9 metre wide boat that has to cross the village to the water. The Dutch truck that did the move was nothing

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The Other Obsession of Walter Pless

I try to photograph every ship that comes in to Hobart. The ships include freighters, cruise liners, tankers, warships and luxury yachts. I also include fishing boats and tugs. This photographic mission is more than just a hobby. It’s an obsession. Some mornings I’m out at 6am. Some evenings, depending on the light, I could

I love walks

The Lilly Deliemma

Lilly the Weimaraner is family. She and I both came to  our surnames later in life but now belong to the same pack. Our pack is loving, loud, interesting and always loyal. This post is about sharing Lilly’s story and how we happen to have the best dog in the world.   Getting A Dog Was

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“7 Rules For Choosing A Partner”

I own a hat box which holds all the special stuff I gathered as a teenager and young twenty something. Included in the box are love letters from my first boyfriend who used to write to me every single week, if not every single day – I kid you not. He took romantic to a

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How To Be…Motherly Miss Advice

I have thought it ridiculous how easy it is to conceive in comparison to raising a child. Joy at the birth turns to shock and wonder as you  question how you became responsible for the lives of three little beings. You have to ponder sanity when you think cabbage leaves are a perfectly acceptable fashion accessory.

Valentine Card
Miss Catana - Our BoatPopular

Miss Catana – “Our Girl of the Ocean”

Buying our boat will be a life changing experience. Similar to having a baby, now we must wait. Our new girl will be ours in June 2014. If you know nothing of the boat we have purchased let me paint the picture Vital  Statistics Name: “Miss Catana” Brand: Catana Catamaran Architect: Christophe Clever Barreau Nationality: French