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Miss Catana - Our Boat

We Just Couldn’t Leave Her

The last time I posted in this section of the website, we were planning on leaving our boat and returning home to Australia for six months of work before we started cruising in earnest. It would have been awful to rush over, get the boat ready and then leave her. Plus I don’t think we

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

A Place To Call Home For 182 Days

You might think we are crazy. We have purchased this amazing boat yet will not be going on her full time until January 2015. That’s right 2015 NEXT Year… To ease the longing and pain of waiting we do have  5 weeks on the boat in June July but after this we have to pack

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Moving To The Water

Below are the photos of our Miss Catana being moved from the yard, through the local town to be placed gently into the water. No easy feat when you are a 12.58 metre long x 6.9 metre wide boat that has to cross the village to the water. The Dutch truck that did the move was nothing

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

Catana 42 WINS Boat Of The Year 2014 in Her Class

Celebrations aplenty for her fans as the Catana 42 wins in its class Boat of the Year 2014 I got this pleasant news a few weeks ago but have only just managed to get my hands on the article in Cruising World Magazine. No doubt the champagne flowed in France as this is a much sort

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

The Shopping List

This week with the assistance of Mike, Man of International Waters, we have placed our order for many necessary items needed on Miss Catana,  including much safety gear.   Interesting facts about shopping for boat gear from Tasmania to France. It’s cheaper to buy your gear from the United Kingdom and have the order shipped

Miss Catana - Our Boat

Catana 42 Review

When you make a boat purchase, too much information is barely enough, so a new review of the Catana in Australian Multihull World gave me much delight. However besides reading pleasure, I the Miss had a couple of enlightening moments from the author Kevin Green. Firstly, the Miss found out that on the Catana 42 there

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

Photos Photos Photos and More Photos

New Photos have arrived. I have included all the photos sent for other Catana tragic’s and those interested. It’s good to see the boat looking more like our home and these photos make the New Year even more exciting. Thanks Patrick & Team France for the photos. Click on photos to expand =)

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

Our Girl Of The Ocean Has Her Name!

Naming a boat is like inking ones skin, around for a long time so make sure you like it! When we chose our name it was a early default name that stuck and we quickly grew to love. There is something moving about seeing your boats name on the hull for the first time, and

Second baby photos 2
Miss Catana - Our Boat

Second Baby Photos From A Totally Unexpected Source

This picture is of our Miss Catana  still under construction and the chap to the right  is Christophe whose in charge of all the boat building at Catana Yard.  Unfortunately neither Captain nor I took this photo, as this week we surprisingly did not win lotto. How nice would it be though to pop off to

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

First Baby Photos of Miss Catana

I am sooooooo excited! Our First Baby Photos of the beautiful Miss Catana.   Thank you to all the wonderful team who are building her – I appreciate! Now is one of those times in life I wish I had the Dr Who Tardis. France seems a long way from Tasmania…. (click on photos to enlarge

Valentine Card
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Miss Catana – “Our Girl of the Ocean”

Buying our boat will be a life changing experience. Similar to having a baby, now we must wait. Our new girl will be ours in June 2014. If you know nothing of the boat we have purchased let me paint the picture Vital  Statistics Name: “Miss Catana” Brand: Catana Catamaran Architect: Christophe Clever Barreau Nationality: French

Miss Catana
Miss Catana - Our Boat

“Its Nice To Be Popular”

Popularity is a tricky item. Hard to gain, hard to hold onto and even harder to measure. So I did sit up and take notice when I ran across a poll where you could vote for the type of catamaran you would choose if price was not an object. It would appear that the French