Jacques Huguet Catana 50 my day
Kiss the Fish with the Miss

“I Think Today Is My Day”

Our French neighbour Jacques, just purchased a second hand Catana 50, after 10 years of owning a lagoon 47. I asked him if he had any experience of high drama in either this new boat or his previous Lagoon. His answer was fascinating and he gave me two occasions that he will never forget.  

Patrick 2
Kiss the Fish with the Miss

“Patrick Gives The Fish A Kiss”

Thank you for agreeing to kiss the fish. Before your first kiss, would you like to introduce yourself? Hello, my name is Patrick Gilot. I am a yacht broker working for Multihull Solutions and representing the Catana catamarans range in Australia. Originally from France I used to work as export manager for the yard in

Fishy Tales
Kiss the Fish with the Miss

KISS THE FISH – The Interview Questions

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