A couple of people have asked me what this part of the site is all about, one has even suggested strange.

Basically I thought it would be cool to have in one place  “how to guides, what we did, or are doing” on all manner of things and then share the practicalities.

For instance currently I have some I know how’s and heaps of I haven’t got a clue!

I have no idea how to sail but when the time is right I will learn and share how it goes along the way

I am a queen of Excel spreadsheets and have a good understanding of budgets and how much things cost

I have no idea how to tie knots or fix broken things that involve grease.

I do know though, that if you want something you have to set a course and work towards it


Leaving my three is a biggie

Even though our three children are great and are growing up, its nice to leave little notes for them to follow if they should get lost (and bother to read my site). So there will be advice aimed squarely at my children. Yet this stuff is practical so I  am including for all to see.

Who knows at the moment of reading some random advice it  just may be just what you need to hear.


So Yes this is a strange site indeed…

So hopefully the ideas here will be helpful, insightful and interesting enough to be worthy of your time to read.

You are invited to share your knowledge or suggestions with the rest of us because you probably know more than me.

Come to the blue door


So there you have it. This is why a strange site called miss catana has a whole section dedicated to how to guides and it already has heaps of posts even though we haven’t got the boat yet.

Let’s be honest though starting the journey begins a long time before anything gets wet.


Cheers the Miss




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  1. Roxey

    Hi I just wanted to say congratulations for taking the jump off the cliff! So exciting!
    My husband and I move on to our Crowther 52′ cat next year. Still working for a while yet but doing short trips in the meantime.
    A good website my husband put me on to is: The Boat Galley. I bought the cook book recommended and have found it a fantastic source of info on ‘how to ‘ in the galley plus great recipes. TheBoatGalley.com
    Good luck to you and see you on the water one day. Cheers! Roxey

  2. the Miss

    Hi Roxy
    It looks like you are readying to jump as well! That’s a Big Meow!
    We will be starting in Europe but hopefully our paths can meet sometime soon.

    Re your recommendation The Boat Gallery I have passed on to the Captain.
    In our family my Captain cooks all meals on the one condition – I stay out of the kitchen at all times. He cooks, he shops, I clean and get to enjoy great food on a daily basis.
    It much better this way, he is happy and no longer gets to eat burnt or raw food that at times can be on the same plate. My only concession is the toast for breakfast. I have to keep the burnt to a 30% loss rate!

    Congratulations on being the first non family, friend or coerced person sign into the Miss because I told them too. So thank you so much it gives me hope that the Miss has a place in the blogging world…

    So welcome to our place, I hope you continue to stay and feel at home =)

    The Miss x

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