Following in The Footsteps of Captain James Cook

Whilst sailing this leg of the Pacific Ocean, I have read a novel about the life achievements of Captain James Cook.  As a child I was taught about Cook (or ‘Kook’ as the islanders called him).  My appreciation did not amount to much.  I knew he was English, that he officially discovered Australia, New Zealand

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Pacific Time Cruising Style

In my former life every aspect of my day was constrained by time.  Even down time, holidays and weekends off, was the conscious presence of time lingering in the background.  Perhaps the definition of childhood, is lack of time awareness, as a child life just is and we live in the moment and experiences on offer.  The


My Captain And The Risk

  The Captain Himself In this post I want to talk about the other half of this adventure, my constant companion and only person I get to talk to, the Captain. Captain Of The Good Ship Miss Catana My Captain is English born.  His parents immigrated to Australia from England, the Captain was just under one year