Sailing On Day Twenty

A week or so has passed since my last update and Miss Catana is sailing well.  The washing machine action has stopped, as did the wind for a couple of days, it has since returned.  Thank goodness, trying to sail across the world’s largest ocean with light winds, is like trying to drive a car with very little petrol


Crossing The Pacific Ocean

Speed And Date Slippage   Yesterday was day 11 of our passage across the Pacific.  When you get on a boat and know that you will be on that boat for a long stretch, days and nautical miles mean absolutely nothing.  For some reason I thought it was day 7 that’s how it is.  I just don’t


Crossing The Pacific – Let The Journey Begin

Our starting time to cross the Pacific Ocean was to be 7.00 am. We had a start time because we are in the unofficial “Get To The Beer Rally”   Whilst in Panama we made alliance with two UK boats, Lion Heart of Clyde, Oddity and NZ boat Nora J.  On the second last night