Lady Roslyn in front taken from Miss Catana

Exclusive Membership To A Survivor’s Group

After a tough week and both being a bit down in the mouth, the Captain and I decided we needed a weekend out.  The solution was to invite ourselves onto our friend’s bigger boat for a three night sleepover.  The days away was the impromptu first annual meeting of the Canet Escapees Club.  In other words an

Black and white emma

“Mum I’ve Got Some Bad News”

It was a phone call that tore, ripped and altered.  The conversation sucked all joy with a few short words.  In fact it was one word that punched. C A N C E R     WTF   WTF   WTF   What The Fuck!!!!   It was our 23 year old daughter and she was


Cruising Turkey – A Love Hate Affair

I have always wanted to go to Turkey, almost for as long as I could remember.  For years I have dreamed of the land of East meeting West, the country of the red flag, crescent moon and white star. One of those pre kick the bucket countries on the to do list.  I don’t even know