A to Z Off Sailing The Ocean

Whoo Hoo Let’s Celebrate –  It’s Our Birthday! Happy Birthday to the Captain and his Miss for one year living on Miss Catana!   Sailing Through The Alphabet As I sailed last week I reflected on the lessons learnt and the emotions experienced over the past year, I decided to run through the list as dictated by


Mykonos The Island Of English Sunburn

Our departure from Salamina was perfect, no wind which was great as our boat was sandwiched side on between two smaller yachts, not impossible, just so much easier without the standard NE wind.  A bit of a shove from the side by the Captain and we were out and off on a long day of sailing toward the

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Catana I Told You It Was Sick

I am taking small comfort in the fact that we were right and Catana were wrong.  I can thank too much wind for proving we were right, being right can be of cold comfort. It was a week ago when we opted to go through the Corinth Canal, on this day there was wind for sailing. Problem was


Anchoring Is A Spectator Sport

Question: How many times do you set an anchor and fail before you say enough is enough and move on? Answer: For this Miss and her Captain 5 times It may seem like a fail but it wasn’t all bad. Throughout the process of laying, raising and doing it all again, there was no foot stomping,