Cruising In Albania – Part Two

Part two of cruising Albania with pictures and video. Re the temperature for Blue Eye, it was a constant 10 degrees, enough to cause to pain.   Anyone out there using Adobe Premier Pro, if you are adept (unlike amatuer me) could you please email me the correct format to save files for website. I have to double click video


Timing Is Everything

It was a cracking sail. We departed the island of Paxos using our motors, wind was absent. Then by midday the wind was between 18 and 22 knots on the beam/side and Miss Catana was sailing along at 8 to 11 knots all afternoon. 10/10 Sailing conditions, only thing missing was sunshine. At one stage we saw a


Cruising in Albania – Part One

  I Am Embarrassed To Confess I have a major flaw as a new sailor, it’s to do with one of the fundamentals. Living in the Northern hemisphere, I no longer instinctively know where North is. By crossing to the other side of the world, North along with South, East, and West have all moved. On the positive I still

Corfu blue

Racing To Corfu & The Greek Islands

This post is a quick update to share that we have now departed Albania and arrived in Corfu Greece. If you are wondering about our trip to Albania, it was wonderful and surprising and I have much to tell. A review on cruising in Albania will be posted soon, so watch this space.   Goodbye Albania