Tunisa banner I get it

I Just Don’t Get It

Yesterday I heard the shocking news of 23 people being murdered at the Bardo museum in Tunisia plus the 2 dead extremists. As you know we were there not long ago and it was the highlight of our trip to Tunis. Bardo Museum was an incredible place. The real tragedy is that it is a

Toule Two Sauces 014

Cooking Lesson With Toulee – Must Have Asian Sauce

By Popular Demand!! Toulee “Two Sauces” shows us how to make his first must know signature dish Toulee Asian Sauce. Perfect with rice, steamed vegies this sauce is a perfect addition to your cooking repertoire. We put it on rice, add to curries or pasta. The good news is the herbs can be frozen or easy to

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Virginia Johns Kisses The Fish

It had been a horrid day last year in November when we arrived at our destination Porto Vecchio Corsica in November. For much of the sailing we had battled wind gusts of over 45 knots, cold, rain and overall miserable conditions. Our welcome back to France was not fun. The marina had all but shut down

spain border prostitutes

A Quickie Across The Border

This weekend between lunch and dinner we went to visit the neighbours next door. For this trip instead of sailing we took the Catana Green Machine our fantastic van and our credit card. France in the morning, Spain for the arvo and back to France for dinner. (I still get a huge thrill out of crossing borders even


S/V INXS Catana 47

Our neighbour used the words “Hell Hole” to describe winter in Canet, he was waiting for his new 47 Catana to be delivered. His boat was delayed in production for 3 months and now it was complete, the wind was having the last laugh delaying his departure by a further two weeks. As for us we have only been


WOW Check Out The Birds!!

This morning we woke to a huge number of birds under and around our boat. Ours was the only boat on the contained section of the pier, so all the birds you see in the video have come from around Miss Catana. It was a busy place. WOW