Recent Boats And Ships For Walter

In Tunisia there were more cargo ships than you could “poke a stick at”. Only trouble was I wasn’t allowed to take any photos from inside the port or on the water, I was doing my best to avoid them. When we left Tunis to go to Sardinia unfortunately for us, and Walter, we crossed the

a  lots of room in our winter marina

A Wannabe Bear Grylls & Censorship

This is my goodbye Tunisia hello Italy moment. I am excited to be here and wanted to share my first day or two on the island of Sardinia. We arrived at Port Villasimius, which is a large old port that has in recent years had a very modern upgrade. A perfect place for us to

good start cap Farina

Being Late And Being Seasick

Warning: If you are a man trying to convince your wife to go sailing, don’t share this post with her. This post is in relation to the 80:20 rule and it is not about the good bits.   ——————————————— I the Miss have been known to paint the world with a rose coloured brush, which is


A Fishy View Among Many Neighbours

We are currently sitting in the fishing harbour of La Goulette,  awaiting the arrival of a French electrician from Catana, as we have charger issues. This problem means we’ve been without power for two weeks, so all cups of tea are made via gas kettle. I shouldn’t jest, it’s seriously awful to have to keep charging our batteries by


WOW – The Bardo National Museum – WOW

This week a museum story. Are you not excited? The Bardo Museum is recognised as the number one tourist destination in Tunis, so we were keen to visit.  Our cabbie assisted with our joy of arriving at the museum by getting us their unharmed and alive.. Driving in this capital for some cabbies is an extreme