The Captain didn't think I was watching

Now That’s Stormy Weather

My Captain always said it was going to end in tears and it did,  just not the type of tears I was expecting. Before I get to the grief part, I need to tell you about the weather. In Europe the wind and weather have been Atrocious!! Winds over 100 kms have battered the coast. As is

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Mediterranean Weather Is Ridiculous

I no longer believe in weather forecasts for the Mediterranean. If the report says 20 knots of wind I am going to expect 30.  I have been told the science, of why it’s so hard to predict the weather in this place, therefore from now on I expect the unexpected. Ridiculous, may be too strong a word


Naughty Boys

When the Chief of the National Guard and head honcho of the men with big guns on their shoulders, makes an effort to come see you, you are always going to take notice.  Plus it was a big effort, it included driving to the bay we were moored in, then driving our dingy back to our


Tabarka Fort – A Rare Look Inside

Although not open to the public we were given the honour and opportunity to have a look around the Tabarka Castle. It was only after the event we discovered how privileged we were, it’s rare for visitors to be allowed inside.   I decided to mark the occasion with a video and photos to share. Having a look around the