Tabarka olives

First Impressions Of Tabarka

We have been here nearly three weeks and Tabarka is an interesting place. I’m very happy we came to this wonderful place. Yet as a traveller I have experienced a range of emotions that could best be described as culture shock. In hindsight I probably should have been more prepared for my first visit, but similar to rocking up

first night overnight sail

An Idiot Aboard

I the Miss am the new idiot abroad.   It’s easy to get stuff wrong. It’s really stupid to get the big stuff wrong. The error I’ve made has been a game changer. I confess my mistake. I failed to understand the rules of our visa and the rules just aren’t that difficult.   The Rules

The Practical How to Stuff

Delicious Asian Sauce

I can’t throw in steak knives but this recipe is not only delicious, easy to make, can be stored in the freezer or long term on a boat or in a pantry. This is the sauce I mentioned, was a great success for the Catana workers’ lunch. Toulee has handed over his secret recipe after a request

Jacques Huguet Catana 50 my day
Kiss the Fish with the Miss

“I Think Today Is My Day”

Our French neighbour Jacques, just purchased a second hand Catana 50, after 10 years of owning a lagoon 47. I asked him if he had any experience of high drama in either this new boat or his previous Lagoon. His answer was fascinating and he gave me two occasions that he will never forget.  

Header anchoring neighbour

Shouting And The Neighbours

Our boat was sailing on a piece of silk, the water so calm it looked like one massive piece of glistening cloth. The boat rose and fell as though the ocean was breathing.  No faster than a walking pace we inched further away from Canet de Rousillon and toward our planned escape. For the past seven