Work Lunch And An Australian Champion

French take food very seriously. So when the Captain and I were invited to the annual Catana lunch we felt it was a great honour but had plans to sail away for the weekend.   French like Australians take sport very seriously. We were told this day was to include the annual Workers Bocce Championship. How could

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“Men In The Air, Fish In The Sea”

I the Miss had the fortune of  growing up in a large family, three brothers and two sisters. One of my brothers was also my twin. (Lucky mum hey!)  As a kid, having a twin brother was fantastic, I got to be my own person but also got to share everything with my best friend. Age has


Let’s Pop Next Door & Have A Drink With The Neighbours

In Australia leaving the country takes effort. It requires a passport, planning, packing and usually a wallet full of cash. Not so in France. This week, all it took was a bit of wind and fuel and we had a sleepover at the next door neighbours in Spain. On morning of departure it seemed like

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When In France Be French

Currently we are living in the port town of Canet-en-Rousillon in the backyard of Catana. This is a hot spot summer tourist destination, and we have arrived at the beginning of the summer holidays. For two months of the year this place is jam packed with tourists. Already the bars and restaurants are full of

Our helm instruments prior to changes

Our First Sail, A King, & Parking A Tank

Sailing Your Boat For the First Time Is Like Being An Old Time Cowboy Spit In Your Hand And Shake Like any classic American movie scene, sailing Miss Catana is as good as spitting and shaking to close the deal. The deal is done. Miss Catana is officially complete and our new home. Well complete with