First Days Aboard Miss Catana

Having our bags take holiday’s without us proved to be a blessing in disguise.  We got to travel on trains and buses without the hassle. Travel light, travel easy. From these words it is obvious my bags have returned. Relief !!   Trains From Marseille To Our Boat Prior to departure from Hobart we had pre


Day One Down

It is yet to feel real. For the moment I am enjoying all the emotions that are going with the official start. Below is a quick bullet update of the journey thus far. Departure Hobart Airport with my beautiful three, sister and father. I found if I looked them in the eye I lost my

Travel day

Trust The Germans

This is our last weekend in Tasmania. How about that. In two days we jump on a plane to fly to the other side of the planet to live on the boat. Live on a boat. I’ve repeated in case you missed it the first time! At times this does my head in, so I

Lilly las photo

The Saying Goodbye Process

Last week was tough. It was a week of loss and I for one have been greiving the changes made to my family in past days. First we lost our beloved friend and companion Lilly the Wonderdog. What was to be a move to a new home for her, became compromised health issues that the