A Letter To A Kurdish Hacker From The Miss

Dear Ali, I am presuming you and I can be on first name basis as this day you so casually entered the backend of my life and felt it was ok to turn it upside down.   Let’s start with names. You  can call me Miss and I can call you Al.   This morning


Miss Catana Delivery Photos

The delivery from La Rochelle in the north of France to Canet in the south is complete. Miss Catana now waits for her new parents to come and collect her. Below are some photos we received showing some of the trip including some re jigging of the sheets by Christophe Delivery Captain Extraordinaire. The weather

Eclipse of the moon (15 April 2014) (1)

By The Light Of The Moon

Walter Pless was on hand with his camera, to capture the rare twilight total lunar eclipse over Australia on the 15th April. It was  beautiful! Apparently the eclipse will be visible from around all the Pacific rim and the delightful news is, it will happen twice this year, 29th April in case you missed it the


Yellow Fridge & Preparing To Say Goodbye

I have a yellow fridge. Well not normally but my fridge is currently wearing a coat of yellow post it notes. Each time I think of a must do deed or a must take item I write it on a post it note. It’s a good thing I have a big fridge. The aim is

I quit post it

I Quit

Today the Captain and I both gave notice to quit our jobs. June 16th 2014 when we collect the boat we will be sailing off for good. No returning and leaving our girl of the ocean all alone, she will be our new home address permanently. WOW. This means: We kiss our three goodbye sooner