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Miss Catana - Our Boat

A Place To Call Home For 182 Days

You might think we are crazy. We have purchased this amazing boat yet will not be going on her full time until January 2015. That’s right 2015 NEXT Year… To ease the longing and pain of waiting we do have¬† 5 weeks on the boat in June July but after this we have to pack

Miss Catana at dock

A New Captain, A New Show & New Sheets – a Miss Update

So What’s Happening In The World Of The Miss…. Lots – I will start with big news first. A French Beauty Show Rather Than A Turkish One Huge news for us is that we are no longer showing our boat at the Turkey boat show in August. Catana Yard have decided to show the bad

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It’s Not A Whinge It’s Just The Way It Is – Busy

Warning, when running off on an adventure to the other side of the world, be prepared to be occupied with a new level of busy. Especially an adventure where you purchase a Yacht from France that has to be fully equipped and ready to sail in June. Numerous tasks involved to get to this stage,