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Pacific Sunrise in Hobart

The yacht PACIFIC SUNRISE arrived in Hobart three weeks ago. She is owned by Julian Alcorso, a Tasmanian winemaker and entrepreneur. His father, Claudio Alcorso, founded the Moorilla Vineyards in Berriedale, a few kilometres north of Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania. Alcorso senior, who owned Silk and Textiles factory in Hobart, established the vineyard

BB Beach

The First Travel Review “Going Nowhere To Get Here”

I started this travel blog early so I could practice my craft as well as tell the story from the beginning. I don’t consider myself a writer as such, more of a wannabe with just enough cheek to press publish each week and hope that I am not embarrassing myself or bringing more shame to

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Moving To The Water

Below are the photos of our Miss Catana being moved from the yard, through the local town to be placed gently into the water. No easy feat when you are a 12.58 metre long x 6.9 metre wide boat that has to cross the village to the water. The Dutch truck that did the move was nothing

Learning how to sail

Learning How To Sail At Speed

I am currently wearing a few black bruises. My bruises are part of the deal whilst racing scurrying from side to side on a leaning sea beast that waits for no crew member (particularly me) as it powers through the ocean, racing towards the finish line. As the least competent crew member I am placed

ARCTIC P PARINGA and WATAGAN (11 January 2014)
The Practical How to Stuff

The Four Steps To Learning

There are four recognised levels of learning. 1. The Whatever 2. The WTF 3. Go You Good Thing 4. The Let Me Show You How. 1. Unconscious Incompetence – Whatever! Where you don’t know how to do something, yet ignorance is bliss and you don’t really care. You continue to be happy doing what you

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Miss Catana - Our Boat

Catana 42 WINS Boat Of The Year 2014 in Her Class

Celebrations aplenty for her fans as the Catana 42 wins in its class Boat of the Year 2014 I got this pleasant news a few weeks ago but have only just managed to get my hands on the article in Cruising World Magazine. No doubt the champagne flowed in France as this is a much sort

Miss Catana to be launched

Buying From Afar & An Important Announcement

Tuesday the 4th February 2014 our girl of the ocean will be officially born. On the Tuesday her morning will start with a hair raising ride on her side via large transport truck to the waters of La Rochelle 12 kms away from the factory. Once in La Rochelle she will enter the water for