Second baby photos 2
Miss Catana - Our Boat

Second Baby Photos From A Totally Unexpected Source

This picture is of our Miss Catana  still under construction and the chap to the right  is Christophe whose in charge of all the boat building at Catana Yard.  Unfortunately neither Captain nor I took this photo, as this week we surprisingly did not win lotto. How nice would it be though to pop off to

I love walks

The Lilly Deliemma

Lilly the Weimaraner is family. She and I both came to  our surnames later in life but now belong to the same pack. Our pack is loving, loud, interesting and always loyal. This post is about sharing Lilly’s story and how we happen to have the best dog in the world.   Getting A Dog Was

Baby Photos small
Miss Catana - Our Boat

First Baby Photos of Miss Catana

I am sooooooo excited! Our First Baby Photos of the beautiful Miss Catana.   Thank you to all the wonderful team who are building her – I appreciate! Now is one of those times in life I wish I had the Dr Who Tardis. France seems a long way from Tasmania…. (click on photos to enlarge